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CARDIOVIT AT-10 Resting ECG Machine with Spirometry

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  • Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-10 Resting ECG Machine with Spirometry

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Product Description

Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-10 Resting ECG Machine with Spirometry (optional)

The Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-lO Plus provides all the functions of a high-quality 12-channel electrocardiograph and it meets the requirements of an integrated diagnostic workstation. The CARDIOVIT AT-lO Plus combines resting ECG, exercise ECG, pacemaker measurement, HRV analysis, signal averaged ECG analysis, thrombolysis software and spirometry in a single system-like its legendary predecessor, the CARDIOVIT AT-l0.

The AT-1O plus is made by SCHILLER, a world-leading manufacturer of cardiopulmonary diagnostic systems. Combining high quality and easy operation, the unit can be used wherever ECG and spirometry data must meet the highest demands. There is a reason why its famous predecessor The CARDIOVIT AT-10, is used in many clinics and practices and even in The international space station and its control centers. NATO armies also place their trust in SCHILLER‘s quality. They use more Than 20,000 units world-wide.

Important Pricing Note: All authorized Schiller dealers are limited to discount pricing. Contact us for deeper discounted pricing and coupon codes for Schiller products.

CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus Has Extensive Capabilities:

  • 12/16 Channel resting and exercise ECG (ergometry) Resting ECG
  • The SCHILLER ECG interpretation program
  • Pacemaker measurement
  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Signal averaged ECG analysis (SAECG)
  • Thrombolysis software
  • Vector cardiography (combined with SEMA)
  • Serial ECG comparison (combined with SEMA)
  • Complete spirometry tests
  • Optimum integration capabilities with data management systems
  • Optional network capabilities (Ethernet and WLAN)

Product Overview

  • Full-featured, high-performance 12 Lead resting ECG machine with interpretation and an extensive list of options to fit the needs of demanding medical and research organizations
  • Three models available: ECG upgradable to spirometry (model 9.173000C), ECG with spirometry (model 9.173000CS), and ECG machine with wired and wireless LAN (model 9.173000WLAN)
  • Direct Function keys and on-screen menus allow for quick, simple and reliable operation
  • Pre-programmed settings are activated at the touch of a button.
  • You can define your preferred settings for monitor and paper outputs once and store them at the press of a key. This speeds up both The learning and operation.
  • Simplified workflows: the device can be connected to the SCHILLER Data Management Information System SEMA-200 or the HIS.
  • Expandable: the CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus can be expanded to a complete ergometry and spirometry station
  • The user­friendly keyboard simplifies and accelerates the operation of the system due to the functional design.
  • SCHILLER offer several standard ECG programs. You can customize the CARDIOVIT AT-IO Plus by proven software options according to your needs.
  • The SCHILLER ECG measurement program generates precise average complexes, determines the beginning and end points of P waves, QRS complexes and T waves, and provides accurate time and amplitude measurements.
  • The CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus records the signals of all 12 ECG channels over the past 5 minutes. This reduces the risk that important rhythm data might be overlooked. To save paper, you can transmit the full disclosure view of a 5-minute recording to the SCHILLER SEMA-2OO data management system on your PC for editing or printout.
  • Built-in thermal printer with A4 printing paper
  • Modem (not included on the wireless model)
  • Optional barcode scanner
  • Internal memory for up to 350 ECG recordings
  • Complete integration with The SEMA-200 cardiology data management system
  • Data export and archiving in XML format
  • Easy to read, high-resolution 10.4" TFT color screen offers a clear presentation of all 12 ECG traces from every angle.
  • The seamless connection to the SCHILLER Information System SEMA or HIS rationalizes your work process and allows you to immediately review and evaluate your patient’s ECG data.
  • Upgradeable to Stress
  • The optional WLAN function enables bi-directional communication with the SEMA Cardiology Information System via the optional SCHILLER Communication Module (SCM). You can quickly and easily view, edit and archive patient data, reducing the risk of data entry errors.
  • The internal memory allows you to store up to 350 ECG recordings.
  • The AT-10 Plus offers you safe wireless connections via standard WLAN protocols such as 802.11g, WPA, WPA II or WEP. WLAN communication is also available with invisible SSID.
  • SCHILLER devices support DHCP or static IP to protect your patient’s privacy. Even if all safety measures should fail during data transmission, the patient data cannot be read because it is encrypted by SCHILLER.
  • Three (3) Year Limited Warranty
  • Manufacturer: Schiller
  • Available Models:
    • 9.173000C: AT-10 Plus Resting ECG machine
    • 9.173000CS: AT-10 Resting ECG machine with spirometry
    • 9.173000WLAN: AT-10 Resting ECG machine with wired and wireless LAN


  • Spirometry is upgradable to the standard model. Spirometry is included in the spirometry model
  • Two flow sensors are available for the portable all-rounder: you can choose between the proven SP-250 disposable flow sensor (for optimal hygiene) and the reusable SP-260 sensor.
  • Slow spirometry (VCin, VCex, VCmax, ERV, IC, TV, IRV ...)
  • Forced spirometry (FVCin, FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEV1/FVC, MEF50, MEF75, PIF...)
  • MVV (SVC, RR, TV)
  • Flow/volume and volume/time curves
  • Interpretation programs in accordance with ATS or ERS
  • Small and light sensor
  • Simple and quick calibration
  • Inspiratory and expiratory pulmonary function tests: FVC, SVC, MV, MVV and pre/post medication tests
  • Several norm value tables can be selected as needed
  • Visual support due to the real-time graphics and display of the measured values on the screen

Included Accessories:

  • 10 Lead Patient Cable
  • 10 Snap Clip Electrode Adapters
  • 500 Disposable ECG Electrodes
  • One (1) pack of paper
  • Power Cable
  • Operating Manual
  • Interpretation Guide
  • SP-250 spirometry flow sensor, calibration syringe (only with the spirometry model 9.173000CS)
  • Pack of 10 Disposable Flow Tubes and 2 Nose Clips (only with the spirometry model 9.173000CS)

ECG Interpretation (Included)
With the SCHILLER ECG interpretation program, one of the best documented existing algorithms, you have at your disposal a broad range of diagnostic information with regard to rhythm, electrical axis, QRS morphology changes, QRS blocks, hypertrophy characteristics, ST or T changes, myocardial infarction characteristics etc. With an analysis time of less than 5 seconds, the SCHILLER ECG interpretation software ranks among the fastest and most accurate programs on the market.

Pacemaker Measurement (Optional)
This advanced program measures the pacing frequency, performs individual measurement of pulse width for a trial and ventricular stimulation, and determines the AV intervals.

Heart Rate Variability/HRV (Optional)
With this SCHILLER program, you can determine the risks (e.g. of sudden cardiac death) for a cardiopathic patient-after a recording time of only 1 to 60 minutes. In addition to the graphic display of RR tachograms and histograms, numerous statistical parameters are calculated (e.g. standard deviation, mean deviation, mean value, BB50 value). All parameters are shown in relation to the mean RR interval-absolutely unique.

Signal averaged ECG Analysis/SAECG (Optional)
The signal averaged ECG analysis makes it possible to detect micropotentials after a QRS complex. Such signal averaged ECGs may be an indicator of ventricular tachycardia or even sudden cardiac death - in particular for patients who have suffered cardiac infarction. This program option offers a handy alternative to more common invasive techniques.

Thrombolysis Program (Optional)
This option creates a numerical assessment of the ECG measurement, to help determine the probability of acute cardiac ischaemia. It gives you important additional diagnostic information for patients with chest pain.

Ergometry (Optional)
The most commonly used test protocols are already programmed in your CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus. Five (treadmill) or four (bicycle) user definable protocols allow you to store or modify programs exactly as you wish. The exercise testing program controls a bicycle ergometer or treadmill. Noninvasive blood pressure measurement is taken automatically at the beginning of every load stage or at freely definable intervals, and indicated on the monitor and on printouts. The blood pressure can be measured using the BP-200 plus or the BP recorder integrated with the ERG 911 (optional). Continuously updated ECG information, including the heart rate, stage number and duration, exercise period, load and METs are displayed on-screen and documented on the printout. A comprehensive final report is printed out at the end of each exercise test. The advanced evaluation program EXEC provides you with continuous 12-lead ST information during the test and a comprehensive final report.

Spirometry (Optional)
ECG and spirometry in one unit - this is unique world-wide! The CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus can be transformed into a proven table spirometer for the measurement, recording and assessment of the flow-volume and volume-time curves and the corresponding parameters. Several expiratory and inspiratory tests can be performed and compared with country specific normal values. Pre/post measurements and interpretation are standard. Two flow sensors are available for the portable all-rounder. You decide whether you prefer working with the proven pneumotachograph SP-250 or SP260.

SPIROVIT SP-250, with Disposable Sensor
The SP-250 flow sensor sets a new hygiene standard, reducing the risk of cross contamination to its minimum. It is small, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to operate. You are ready for the next test within seconds. Insert the new sensor and you are finished. Safe and convenient for you and your patients.

SPIROVIT SP-260, Reusable Sensor
The Sensor can easily be disassembled to clean the parts. It is reassembled and ready for the next patient in no time.

WLAN Module (Option)
The built-in WLAN module enables the wireless network interconnection of the CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus. For mobile application in the clinic. Enables bi-directional communication with SEMA-200 to quickly and easily view, edit and archive patient data, reducing the risk of data entry errors.

*3 year limited factory warranty. 90 days for Accessories & Sensors.

* Please note: Additional options, Accessories and Trolley options are available, please call us at 888-215-0718 for pricing.

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