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CIDEX OPA Solution

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  • Advanced Sterilization Products CIDEX OPA Solution 20390

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Product Description

Advanced Sterilization Products CIDEX OPA Solution 20390

CIDEX OPA is a fast and effective high-level disinfectant solution to disinfect a wide range of medical instruments and endoscopes. CIDEX OPA is Glutaraldehyde-free. A (0.55%) ortho-phthaladehyde solution, effective at room temperature and has excellent tuberculocidal and high-level disinfection capabilities. CIDEX OPA has a rapid 5-minute soak time at 25°C in an automated endoscope reprocessor and provides high-level disinfection in 12 minutes with manual reprocessing. The solution easily rinses from equipment, especially lumened devices. No activating or mixing needed. 14-day reuse life when monitored with CIDEX OPA Test Strips.

CIDEX OPA Solution offers excellent materials compatibility and can therefore be used to disinfect a wide range of medical instruments made of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, plastics, elastomers, and dental materials.

Since its introduction in 1999, thousands of healthcare facilities around the world have been using CIDEX OPA Solution every day to safely high-level disinfect flexible endoscopes and other medical devices. It is the industry standard for instrument reprocessing. CIDEX OPA is part of the CIDEX product family made by Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), a division of Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson company).

  • Ready-to-use, powerful high-level disinfectant solution for manual and automatic instrument reprocessing
  • CIDEX OPA Solution is trusted by thousands of hospitals and medical organizations around the world
  • Glutaraldehyde-free high-level disinfectant solution
  • No activating or mixing needed
  • CIDEX OPA Solution provides a broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, and fungi*
  • Fast-acting disinfection that improves productivity providing fast turnaround of reprocessed instruments
  • Non-corrosive formula protects your investment in your medical instruments
  • Near-neutral pH level ensures compatibility with endoscopic instruments
  • 5-minute soak time at 25°C in automatic endoscope reprocessors
  • 12-minute soak time at 20°C for manual reprocessing
  • Using CIDEX OPA Solution in an automatic reprocessor can mean 20% more cycles in a 14-day reuse cycle, compared with other solutions*
  • Long-lasting efficacy allows reprocessing of more devices per gallon than with glutaraldehyde*
  • Reusable for up to 14 days when monitored prior to each use with CIDEX OPA Test Strips
  • CIDEX OPA Test Strips ensure the solution can effectively destroy microorganisms by testing the minimum effective concentration (MEC) required for high-level disinfection
  • CIDEX OPA Test Strips are not included, sold separately
  • Low odor high-level disinfectant solution
  • Safe to use for healthcare professionals: low vapor pressure for minimal inhalation exposure risk
  • No need for special ventilation
  • Validated manufacturing processes ensure consistency and manufactured to the highest standards for purity
  • CIDEX OPA Solution can be discarded down hospital and office drains in accordance with local regulations
  • 2-year unopened shelf life
  • 75-day shelf life after opening the bottle
  • Easily rinses from medical equipment and instruments
  • Size: 1 Gallon bottle
  • 4 Bottles per case
  • Sold by the bottle and by the case
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Sterilization Products/Johnson & Johnson
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: 20390

*Advanced Sterilization Products/Johnson & Johnson has detailed research and other materials to support their product claims. Contact the manufacturer for more product specifics and research documentation.

CIDEX OPA Product Information

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), division of Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has a long track record of designing and delivering innovative infection prevention solutions that dramatically raise the level of healthcare and safety for those who matter most. ASP's pioneering technology, global distribution, and established leadership position enable them to simplify the process of buying and operating infection prevention products and services every day, for thousands of medical facilities around the world. This enables customers to focus on what they do best-preventing infection and saving lives.

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