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Portable Ventilator-MCV200

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  • Portable Mass Casualty Ventilator-MCV200

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Product Description

Portable Mass Casualty Ventilator-MCV200

The MCV200 Portable Ventilator is a weather-resistant ventilator specifically designed for the unpredictable circumstances of mass casualty incidents. It can be powered by battery or 110 volt electricity to deliver ambient air or oxygen via its internal dual compressors, but can also switch to completely pneumatic operation when no electricity is available. The MCV200 portable ventilator features independent settings for inspiratory time, tidal volume, and BPM. Like the MCV100, the MCV200 features an assist control function for spontaneous breathing, a full array of audible and visual safety alarms, and provides an optional capability of oxygen mixing.

The MCV200 portable ventilator provides an additional level of preparedness when planning for an unknown medical surge. In addition to its internal battery and compressors that provide the flexibility of operation on AC or extended operation on DC power, the MCV200 portable ventilator also incorporates a completely pneumatic ventilation mode ensuring operation even when electricity is unavailable and all DC power sources are drained. The MCV200 portable ventilator is capable of providing ventilation using ambient air, high-pressure oxygen, or an oxygen/air mix. Like the MCV100, the MCV200 features intuitive ventilation controls and an array of adjustable alarms to enhance patient safety. The unique power source flexibility of the MCV200 combined with a rugged, weather-resistant and low-maintenance design ensures the greatest level of preparedness for mass casualty planners.

The MCV200 portable ventilator delivers a time cycled constant flow breath. The breath volume (Tidal Volume) is adjustable from 200 ml to 1200 ml. The inspiratory time has a separate control setting and is available at either 1.0 second or 2.0 seconds. The Breaths per Minute (BPM) also has a separate control setting and is adjustable from 8 to 28. The MCV200 portable ventilator can deliver breaths to the patient using internal compressors as well as an external high pressure (50 psi (344 kilopascal)) gas source.

The MCV200 Portable Ventilator is intended to be used in the environments associated with emergency medical services (EMS), inter-hospital transport, and hospital facility usage. The MCV200 ventilator is intended to be used as an emergency ventilator, which is designed to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a face mask or tube inserted into the patient’s airway.

CAUTION: The MCV200 should not be used on children with a weight of 20 kg (44 lbs.) or less.

  • The Mass Casualty Ventilator MCV200 is a multi-powered portable ventilator
  • Can be operated solely on compressed gas, DC power, or AC power, offering the greatest flexibility for mass casualty responders
  • Simple control interface allows for just—in—time training and use by a wide range of responders
  • Assist—Control, external PEEP, and independent ventilation controls accommodate enhanced treatment options
  • Low maintenance and weatherproof design ensure low cost of ownership in stockpile or in everyday use
  • The MCV200 Portable Ventilator has the capability of being powered by one of five (4) independent power sources: 1) A 50 psi (344 kilopascal, 3.45 bar) oxygen / gas source, 2) Internal 12 VDC battery, 3) Input Voltage 115 to 230 VAC: 50 to 60 Hz, and 4) Optional External battery pack
  • Biocompatibility testing has proven this unit safe for periods up to 14 days of continuous use. Results beyond this length of time are not known.
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare Products
  • Manufacturer's Product ID: MCV200

MCV200 Portable Ventilator-Product Information



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