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Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000

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  • Huntleigh Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000
  • Huntleigh Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000
  • Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000
  • Huntleigh Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000

Product Description

Huntleigh Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000

The Sonicaid BD4000xs series fetal monitors provide solutions for all areas of antenatal fetal monitoring. Using state of the art digital signal processing technology with enhanced FHR performance. This provides the most cost effective and flexible solution for all your fetal monitoring needs. Its compact size and styling belie its ruggedness and robust design, using the same materials, construction and design expertise as Huntleigh Sonicaid's world-renowned handheld Dopplers.

High sensitivity transducers: incorporating multi crystal high sensitive transducers; with a reduction in size are less obtrusive and provide added comfort during monitoring. The Toco transducer with its smooth surface reduces noticeable marks and enhances comfort. Both transducers incorporate a unique belt button design aiding transducer placement.

  • Entry level, flexible fetal monitor
  • Twins capability as standard for both units, the Single Fetal monitor needs another ultrasound transducer to monitor twins
  • No Compromise Traces: "Dual channel" A4 width Z-fold chart printout for unique optimum twins presentation on plain thermal paper for low cost, high accuracy printing (standard format paper can also be used
  • Twins ready as standard: Twin fetal heart rate channels are included as standard together with an external UA and maternally sensed fetal movement marker
  • Connectivity: Interface to a digital CTG recording system or other CTG recording systems is available via RS232. This enables electronic data storage, reducing paper print-outs, giving even lower running costs and less environmental impact.
  • High sensitivity transducers
  • Unique no compromise Full Size Twin FHR Scale Printing
  • User adjustable alarms: Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Loss of Contact and Cross-channel rate verification alerts
  • Hospital Information System Interface allows the BD4000 to connect to a CRS (central record system) for archiving and viewing
  • User-customizable trace annotation facility
  • Automatic fetal movement detection
  • Clear Rate Display: The display comprises of a large LCD, back lit for low light clinical environments and 2 large LED clear rate displays. Clear visual display of FHR and contractions data and signal quality indicators
  • Intuitive user interface and controls simplifying training
  • Maternally sensed fetal movement marker
  • Extra-long plain thermal paper packs reduces running costs and guarantees 100% trace registration accuracy
  • Cart and wall mount options available
  • Manufacturer: Huntleigh Healthcare
  • Available Versions:
    • Single Fetal Monitor
    • Twin Fetal Monitor: same unit as Single Fetal Monitor and includes two ultrasound transducers

The Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000xs includes:

  • Sonicaid Fetal Monitor BD4000xs with connectivity
  • (1) Ultrasound Transducer
  • (1) Toco Transducer
  • (1) Patient event marker
  • (1) Power cord
  • (1) Pack of standard thermal paper
  • (1) User manual
  • (1) Quick Start guide
  • (1) 250 mL bottle of ultrasound gel
  • (2) Transducer belts (re-usable)

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