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STERRAD Sterilant Cassettes

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  • STERRAD Sterilant Cassette 100NX
  • STERRAD Sterilant Cassette NX
  • STERRAD Sterilant Cassette 100S

Product Description

STERRAD Sterilant Cassettes

ASP's proprietary technology utilizes low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma for terminal sterilization of medical devices. Their sterilant comes in an easily loaded cassette format that delivers a predefined quantity of hydrogen peroxide per cycle to achieve sterilization both conveniently and effectively. Best of all, each cassette is a closed system, sealed for the operator's safety, and has a chemical indicator on the packaging in order to detect any leakage of sterilant during transportation. Finally, unlike some sterilization modalities, ASP's uniquely bar-coded STERRAD System cassettes can be transported via ground or air shipment.

  • STERRAD system sterilant cassettes made by ASP
  • The pre-loaded cassette provides an easy and highly effective way to sterilize
  • Each STERRAD sterilant cassette is a closed system and sealed for the operator's safety
  • Each STERRAD sterilant cassette is individually wrapped with an external leak monitor to detect any leakage during transportation
  • Sold by the case
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Sterilization Products/Johnson & Johnson
  • Available Sizes and Quantities:
    • NX Cassette (ID: 10133): 5 cycle/cass, 5 cass/case
    • 100NX Cassette (ID: 10144): 5 cycle/cass, 2 cass/case
    • 100S Cassette (ID: 10113): 5 cycle/cass, 5 cass/case

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