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DeVilbiss Suction Machines

DeVilbiss suction machines are compact, high performing, and reliable. DeVilbiss suction machines are portable, easy to use, and available with rechargeable batteries providing the convenience of suction on the go. DeVilbiss suction machines are made by DeVilbiss Healthcare (now part of Drive Medical). DeVilbiss Healthcare has a great reputation for their homecare suction machines.

The origins of DeVilbiss Healthcare go all the back to the 1800’s. Dr. Allen DeVilbiss was a physician and he was looking for ways to help his patients breathe better.  In the 1880’s he invented the first atomizer. An atomizer is a machine or device that converts a liquid into a mist such as the cap on a bottle of perfume. Dr. DeVilbiss continued to invent and manufacture respiratory products that helped his patients and many other patients around the world.

DeVilbiss Healthcare has developed into a world leader for innovating and manufacturing respiratory and suction products. DeVilbiss Healthcare has focused on improving the lives of patient in long-term care facilities and homecare patients. DeVilbiss Healthcare makes a range of products that have been essential to patient care such as: oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, CPAP supplies, oxygen cylinders, and suction machines.

In 2015, Drive Medical acquired DeVilbiss Healthcare. Drive Medical manufactures a full line of medical equipment and the acquisition is a good fit. In the future, the two companies will go by the name Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, Inc.

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