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Sharps Containers

Sharps containers are seen throughout medical facilities. Sharps containers hold used medical needles and sharp medical instruments and contain them for disposal. Sharps containers provide a barrier between the sharp objects and the medical staff and patients. Sharps containers are available in a wide range of sizes from 1 quart to 30 gallons. Many sharps containers lock to prevent used needles from being reused.

Sharps containers are commonly mounted on a wall, door, or counter to provide a convenient place for healthcare providers to quickly dispose of a used needle. This also helps reduce accidental injury from needle-sticks. Sharps containers provide a safe disposal repository that decreases the chance of blood-borne infections being to be spread. After sharps containers are full, they can be disposed by several different ways. Here are a few common sharps disposal options: hazardous collection services, mail-back services, and community hazardous waste services.

The FDA regulates Sharps Container manufacturing and disposal. Regulations differ from state to state. Collection services provide an eco-friendly disposal service that reduces clinical waste output from healthcare facilities.

Sharps Containers are available in single-use or multi-use models. Sharps containers are traditionally red. They are also available in: clear, white, yellow (chemotherapy sharps containers), black (RCRA hazardous waste containers, and white and blue (pharmaceutical sharps containers.

  • Single-Use – Most sharps containers are single-use containers. These are available in many convenient shapes, colors, and sizes. A common feature is a lock to prevent the sharps container from being reopened. These are disposed of once the container reaches capacity.
  • Multi-use – This type of container is periodically emptied when the container reaches capacity or it has reached maturity in a rotational contract period for content disposal. The container is robotically emptied and then sanitized for reuse.

There are several medical expertise specific container types as well. The colors vary based on the container’s intended usage.

  • Chemotherapy Waste – These are usually yellow in color and contain liquid absorbing material to prevent leakage. The lids lock for increased security and safety during transportation.
  • RCRA Hazardous Waste – This type of container is usually black and designed to segregate hazardous pharmaceutical waste. They commonly have a leak resistant gasket and absorbent pad to help contain liquid contents, should a primary container break. 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste – This container is usually white with a blue lid. Polypropylene construction provides impact resistance for heavier waste disposal like glass vials and IV bags. Many pharmaceutical waste sharps containers have locks for adding security and safety during transportation.

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