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Kangaroo Feeding Pumps

Food provides nutrition for the body and it is necessary for life. Many people have conditions that require them to get their nutrition by a feeding tube. This is often called tube feeding or enteral feeding. Modern technology has produced feeding pumps to provide accurate feeding for all ages of people. These pumps ensure patients safely receive the appropriate amount of food for them.

The Kangaroo product family of feeding pumps have been used in medical facilities and homes for over 30 years.  Kangaroo feeding pumps are the market leaders and recommended by medical professionals around the world.

Kangaroo feeding pumps are designed to provide safe feeding for all ages from babies to geriatric patients. Kangaroo feeding pumps are compact, portable providing eternal feeding while stationary or “on the go.” Additionally, these pumps can be easily programmed to provide patients with either continuous or intermittent feeding, and they can provide automatic flushing capability. Kangaroo pump sets are required to use Kangaroo feeding pumps.

Kangaroo feeding pumps and related Kangaroo products are manufactured by Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology. Sometimes you will see Covidien’s name associated with the Kangaroo product line and that’s because Medtronic acquired Covidien in 2015.

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