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​Kangaroo Joey Pump: Home Care Enteral Feeding


Enteral feeding, or feeding by tube, is a way to give nutrition to someone who is not able to swallow or digest food by mouth. Enteral feedings are liquids that flow through a tubing directly into the stomach or small intestine. The fluid can be regulated by hand, but mechanical pumps, such as a Kangaroo Joey Pump, reduce the risk of error and ensure that feedings are delivered.

Some people receive enteral feeding for short periods, maybe to provide them with extra nutrients before having surgery. Or they may receive the feeding over the long-term. People with long-term enteral feeding range from children who cannot absorb food properly to people who have had a stroke and lost their ability to swallow.

Home therapy that includes enteral feeding is becoming increasingly common. Patients with enteral feedings may be able to live at home for many years, so they or their caregivers must learn how to administer and monitor the feedings. Having an easy-to-understand mechanical pump makes this easier on both the person receiving the feeding and the caregiver.

What to look for when purchasing an enteral feeding pump

In general terms, enteral feeding pumps do essentially the same thing-they deliver the liquid feeding through tubing at a preset rate. However, each pump has different features and when purchasing a pump, it’s important to understand which features are most important to you.

Portability: If you are only going to use the pump at night or the pump is for someone who does not move around, portability may be less of an issue. However, if the pump is for a child or someone who moves about, how portable the unit is can be a deciding factor in your purchase.

Machine noise: The motors and alarms are noisier on some machines than others. The amount of noise an enteral feeding pump makes may have an impact on sleep or every day activities, such as going to school.

Ease of set-up and use: When setting up a feeding, the tube that leads from the bag must be primed, the air must be removed or it will be pushed into the stomach. The machine you use will indicate which types of tubing you must use. Some tubing is easier to prime and is more durable than others. The intuitive design makes it easy to learn and operate.

Programming: Enteral feeding machines are programmed to deliver the feeding at a certain rate (speed) and some can be programmed to flush the tubing with water when the feeding is finished. Some people prefer actual buttons when working with machines, while others prefer touch screens.

The Kangaroo Joey Pump

The Kangaroo Joey Pump, made by Covidien, is a widely used eternal feeding pump for home care. Kangaroo feeding pumps have been use for over 30 years. Kangaroo feeding pumps are the market leaders. The Kangaroo Joey is well-suited for home use and is the recommended feeding pump by many medical professionals. The Kangaroo Joey is accurate and reliable while also compact enough take while mobile. To help caregivers and users operate the Kangaroo Joey, Covidien provides multilingual online training at http://www.kangaroopumptraining.com/.

Additionally, the Kangaroo Joey is popular because it has many useful features such as:

KTO (Keep Tube Open): KTO allows the pump to deliver very small amounts of fluid while not actively feeding. It delivers very little nutrition while keeping the feeding tube patent. This feature allows the patient to receive a medication and then not have to remember to turn the pump on later.

Lock-Out Feature: this locks the settings on the pump from being purposely or accidentally changed.

Attitude Independence: it can be used by anywhere in a wide range of places. It also makes Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding pump the ONLY ambulatory flush pump available.

Pump Set Based Program: Pump set based programming allows the Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding pump to be used in any setting.

An enteral feeding machine is an important investment. The Kangaroo Joey is a popular, reliable choice for home care. As technology advances feeding pumps will continue to become smaller, smarter, more portable, and improve overall. If you have questions about the best machine for you make sure to talk with your healthcare provider.

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