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LED Surgical Lights

The latest generation of surgical lights use LEDs for their light source. Surgical light manufacturers have shifted from using halogen and metal halide to LEDs for their light sources. While LEDs seem a recent technological innovation, they have actually been in use since the 1960s.

LEDs have many advantages over traditional surgical light sources. LED surgical lights typically use significantly less power. Some manufacturers claim up to 70% lower energy consumption with LED surgical lights. LED surgical lights last much longer and no bulbs to potentially replace during an operation. LED surgical lights also generate much less heat creating a more comfortable environment for the surgical team and less heat reduces the risk of drying out exposed skin and tissues.

LED surgical lights can be configured with high-definition cameras and monitors providing surgeons with the latest technology. LED surgical lights can be mounted on the wall and on the ceiling in a variety of configurations. Some manufacturers offer surgical lights with batter back-ups to ensure the surgical team has lighting in case of any electrical disruptions.

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