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Surgical Lights

Surgical operations require a high degree of performance and accuracy from the surgical team, surgical equipment, and surgical supplies. Surgical lighting is one of the most important surgical equipment items in the operating room. Sometimes called operating room lights, surgical lights provide focused, bright lighting to the surgical site. This provides the surgeons and the surgical team with a highlighted view of the surgical site.

Modern surgical lights use halogen lights, metal halide lights, or LEDs to provide illumination.  Some manufacturers like Medical Illumination have stopped producing halogen surgical lights and only produce LED surgical lights.

Surgical lights can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, and available in movable floor models. Surgical lights can be configured with the latest high-definition cameras and monitors to help the surgical team operate more accurately than ever.

Surgical lights are often compared by three measurements. 1) Lux: a measurable unit of illumination measures at 1 meter from the light source. 2) Color Temperature: a measurement of the hue of a light source, usually measured in degrees Kelvin. 3) Color Rendering Index: a measurement of a light source to reveal the colors of an object compared to a reference light source.

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