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Honey was used for thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and Egpyt for wound care. While we don’t know exactly what the ancients expected honey to do, we do know modern research revived the interest in using honey for healing wounds. In more recent times, the FDA has approved some honey-based wound dressings for use based on new research findings. The application of medical-grade honey provides a high osmolarity and low pH environment for the wound, which promotes rapid healing. The high osmolarity encourages the removal of dead (necrotic tissue) and the lower pH value encourages healing.

MEDIHONEY is a world leading line of medical-grade honey products made from the Leptospermum species of plant in New Zealand. MEDIHONEY is natural, non-toxic, and the most studied medical-grade product line available. MEDIHONEY products are used for the management of acute & chronic wounds and burns. In research, MEDIHONEY dressings display properties that are beneficial throughout the wound healing process. Additionally, these healing benefits have been supported by over 230 pieces of evidence.

MEDIHONEY has shown to promote the removal of necrotic tissue and advance a wound toward healing. In a one trial, the mean healing time was significantly faster for wounds treated with MEDIHONEY impregnated dressings compared to conventional wound dressings. MEDIHONEY is available in Gel Tubes, Paste Tubes, and multiple Wound Dressings.

According to the manufacturer, MEDIHONEY wound dressings provide a moist environment conducive to wound healing.  MEDIHONEY is indicated for lightly to moderately exuding wounds such as: diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers (some, not all types), pressure ulcers / sores (partial and full thickness), 1st and 2nd degree partial thickness burns, and donor sites, and traumatic and surgical wounds.

MEDIHONEY is made by Derma Sciences. Derma Sciences states they are a “Tissue Regeneration Company” at the forefront of research and innovation for the management of acute and chronic wounds, and burns. Derma Sciences has proven they are experts in advanced wound care with products like XTRASORB, ALGICELL Ag, and Dermagran.

USA Medical and Surgical Supplies is dedicated to providing top quality surgical supplies, medical supplies, and equipment at low prices. Our team at USA Medical and Surgical Supplies has decades of medical, surgical experience. Please contact us if you have any supplies or equipment questions. We work directly with the manufactures and can get product experts to answer the hardest questions. We provide free shipping on orders over $199, excluding oversize and heavy freight items. Thank you for visiting our medical and surgical supply store.

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