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Sterilization is the process to eliminate all living microorganisms. Since surgical instruments, dental instruments, and research items are reused, they are routinely sterilized to provide a clean instrument that will not transfer potential biological agents to the patient. Sterilization of medical instruments and supplies is essential to reduce and eliminate contamination and infection.

There are several types of sterilization used in healthcare and research facilities: steam under pressure, Eto/EO (Ethylene Oxide gas), dry heat, hydrogen peroxide, gas plasma, and liquid chemicals.  While each type of sterilization has its advantages and disadvantages, they also provide different sterilization options for a wide range of materials used in medicine. For example, steam can be used for metal surgical instruments; however, EtO is better for gauze wound dressings.

The sterilization process is critical because it ensures that medical devices, instruments, supplies and more are processed by the manufacturer’s specifications and comply with the requirements of national and international sterilization standards. 

In our sterilization category, we offer a variety of products including sterilization wraps, sterilization pouches, Bowie-Dick tests, biological indicators and incubators, chemical indicators, autoclave tape, sterilization labels, sterilization tubing, and more. We are honored to represent many of the top names in sterilization such as: 3M Health Care, Halyard Health, and Crosstex.

Our team at USA Medical and Surgical Supplies has decades of experience with medical supplies and equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions about the right equipment, supplies for you or your organization. Our goal is to provide top quality medical supplies and equipment at low prices. We leverage technology and streamline our operations to provide low prices to our customers. We provide free shipping on orders over $350, excluding oversize and heavy freight items. Thank you for visiting our medical and surgical supply store.

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