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Bowie-Dick Test Pack AirView II

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  • Crosstex AirView II Bowie-Dick Test Pack

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Product Description

Crosstex AirView II Bowie-Dick Test Pack

The Crosstex AirView II Bowie Dick Test Pack is a single use test designed to detect the presence of residual air in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 134°C for 3.5 minutes. The indicator sheet within the AirView II Bowie Dick Test Pack will demonstrate a uniform color change from blue to dark brown/black when proper sterilization conditions are met and no air is present.

The Bowie-Dick Test ensures all air is removed from a Class B pre vacuum sterilizer and that there are no air leaks in the system. If all of air the chamber is not removed, this will prevent the steam from reaching all surfaces of the items and therefore, not sterilizing all contents.

The Bowie-Dick test should be carried out each day the sterilizer is used, before the first processed load. A shortened cycle (i.e. a cycle omitting the drying phase) should be run first to properly heat the sterilizer. If the sterilizer vacuum performance is acceptable, the sheet inside the test pack will show a uniform color change. If any air has not been removed from the chamber, the entrapped air will cause a spot to appear on the test sheet, due to the inability of the steam to reach the chemical indicator. Each pack contains a simple and easy to read test sheet that can be stored for record keeping.

  • Smaller, lighter test pack makes shipping and storage easier and more economical (5"L x 3.75"H x 0.625"W)
  • Smaller test pack size reduces the amount of waste generated on a daily basis
  • Easy-to-read test sheet clearly identifies failures when used as instructed and can be filed for record keeping
  • Instructions, printed on the box, are easily accessible each and every time a pack is used and helps to ensure test accuracy
  • Easy to interpret indicator sheet with blue to dark color transition
  • Designed for simulating a 4 kg cotton pack according to ISO 11140-5 Type 2
  • Lead-Free ink chemistry reduces the amount of potentially hazardous waste entering the waste stream
  • Packaged in a case quantity of 30 test packs, perfect for your monthly use
  • Latex-Free
  • Made in USA
  • 30 Bowie-Dick Test Packs per case
  • Sold by the case
  • Manufacturer: Crosstex

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