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IV Poles

IV poles are commonly used throughout medical facilities. IV poles are very important because they hold medications and fluids used in intravenous therapies. IV poles provide patient mobility to move about the medical facility without interrupting intravenous medical therapies. Most IV poles are designed with a metal pole on a weighted base with wheels that is topped with a set of hooks. The weighted base and wheels provide stability and maneuverability, allowing patients to move without restriction.

The majority of IV poles allow height adjustability to promote ideal fluid transmission. The number of hooks on the pole determines the number of fluid bags that can be hung simultaneously. Although many products appear similar, IV poles have variations and functional differences. There are also accessories available to customize the IV poles.

  • Wheel Base - The wheel-bases typically range from 4-6 legs depending on the model. Models that are designed to hold more weight and for extra stability have more legs. The Clinton IV Pole 4 Leg Base 4-Hook Economy model is a good, general purpose IV pole that uses 4 legs. The Lakeside IV Pole with an oversized base and 6 legs is designed for heavy duty use and more capacity. The Lakeside can accommodate up to 4 infusion pumps and/or IV controllers. 
  • Hooks - Hooks come in a standard two-hook, four-hook, and six-hook options. Hook attachments can be mounted to the poles if additional hooks are needed.
  • Poles - Most poles are height adjusting. Options for pole height adjustment include push-button, twist-clamp, and friction grip. Poles are built from corrosion resistant materials that range from aluminum to stainless steel. All are easy to maintain and sanitize for optimum patient safety.
  • Accessories – Accessories can be mounted to IV poles to further customize the pole and tailor it to the needs of the patient. Baskets, steering handles, oxygen cylinder holders, power outlet strips, and IV pump support trays are some of the readily available accessories for IV pole customization.

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