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Patient Positioners

Patient positioners, sometimes referred to as surgical positioners, are important for many medical, surgical, and therapy applications. For surgical procedures, patient positioners position the patient to provide the physician and medical team with the optimal view of the surgical site while putting the patient in the best natural state. Patient positioners provide improved safety for the patient. For example, they help position the head for proper breathing during surgery and anesthesia. Patient positioners are also placed under pressure areas, such as elbows and heels, to protect the pressure areas from tissue and nerve damage. Along with a staff trained to use proper patient positioning, surgical positioners help reduce the risk of surgical complications related to bad positioning.

Patient positioners are typically made with a gel or foam base. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet many different needs. The horseshoe and donut positioners are very popular along with the sandbag, flat gel pad, and gel armboard positioners.

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