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3M Surgical Clippers

Prior to surgery, the surgical team prepares the patient’s surgical site before the operation. It is very important to trim head & body hair and apply skin prep solutions to reduce the millions of microorganisms on the skin. Surgical teams use razors and surgical clippers to reduce all types of hair from the surgical site.

Surgical clippers do not cut hair on the skin’s surface like razors do. Surgical clippers use a disposable blade cartridge (or assembly) and the blades cut hair slightly above the skin. This approach reduces the risk of nicks and cuts that could increase the risk of a surgical site infection. Since the surgical clipper blades are disposable, the team uses a new blade assembly for each patient.

Many of the newest surgical clippers operate with a cord and cordless and they remove hair in a single pass. Many cordless surgical clippers run for hours on their rechargeable batteries.

3M is a very innovative company that produces many industry leading health care products. 3M surgical clippers are high-quality, durable surgical clippers used by many surgeons and surgical teams around the world.

3M is known all over the world for making premier, innovative products. 3M has deep expertise in health care and they invest significantly to develop and create new products. 3M Health Care manufacturers thousands of products from stethoscopes, surgical masks, ECG electrodes, medical tapes, would dressings, sterilization products, and dental supplies.

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