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Benefits of Mayo Stands in Operating Rooms


Mayo stands are portable instrument stands with a tray on top used to hold surgical instruments and materials during operating room and in-office procedures. Mayo stands provide a convenient location which can be sterilized and positioned close to surgical sites without getting in the way. Mayo stands come in a variety of styles to meet a wide range of needs. The instrument tray is usually removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. These small instrument stands can be covered with non-sterile or sterile mayo stand covers. The height of a Mayo stand can be conveniently adjusted, and some Mayo stands have added convenient features like thumb-controlled or foot-controlled height adjustment.

Mayo stands have been a staple of surgical facilities, medical offices, and dental clinics for many decades. Mayo stands are named after two brothers and physicians, Dr. William J. Mayo and Dr. Charles H. Mayo. Dr. William J. Mayo and Dr. Charles H. Mayo co-founded the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

Mayo stands come in a variety of sizes and versions to accommodate a wide variety of surgeries and procedures. Orthopedists will likely require completely different tools from dermatologists, for example. All medical professionals benefit from space-saving equipment and easy access to tools and supplies. These small stands help eliminate wasted space and keep everything needed for a procedure close at hand.

8 Benefits of Mayo Stands in Operating Rooms

1.Minimizing Wasted Space in the Operating Room

2.Mobility and Convenience

3.Customizable Organization

4.Increased Operating Room Efficiency

5.Surgical Ergonomics



8.Durability and Reliability

1. Minimizing Wasted Space in the Operating Room

Charles and William Mayo, the two eldest sons of the famous Mayo physician family, developed the Mayo instrument stand in order to maximize the available floor space during surgeries so that more students could fit into the surgical theater to observe. The Mayo brothers were surgical experts in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and designed their operating rooms with mirrors and lights to help more people see. They needed a mobile, small tray which could hold instruments close by while taking up minimal space and this became the Mayo stand.

Most Mayo tables have thin legs or only one leg so that they can fit underneath surgical tables or beds. This further minimizes the amount of floor space they use in an operating room or during an in-office medical procedure. This minimal footprint prevents interference between surgical team members, other equipment and tables, and the surgical bed or patient chair.

2. Mobility and Convenience

Mayo stands are also designed for optimal convenience and easy access during even very complex and multi-stage procedures. The base design minimizes interference with other equipment. Some models use ball bearing swivel casters or have slim legs which avoid interfering with other surgical equipment, beds, and tables.

If you need to move your Mayo stand frequently during a procedure, it may make sense to choose a model with wheels. Conversely, procedures for which stability is required may necessitate fixed models or models which have wheels.

Many Mayo equipment tables equipped with casters or wheels are also height-adjustable with the press of a thumb or a foot operated pedal, further increasing ease of use during procedures. If you require adjustment during procedures, choosing a model which enables easy height-adjustment during the procedure will be helpful.

For example, knob-adjusted models require reaching under the instrument tray while foot- operated models can be raised or lowered without breaking the sterile field from either side of the table.

The provided mobility allows operating staff to position materials right above or near operating sites. This keeps everything simultaneously out of the way and immediately available, even if the surgeon is left-handed or operating in an unusual position which requires drastic height changes.

3. Customizable Organization

Clinical care and minimally invasive procedures require significantly different tools and resources than intensive multi-hour surgeries in an operating room. That’s why Mayo stands come in a variety of sizes, providing space for efficient organization of surgical tools and implements. They can accommodate a range of equipment, from supporting patients’ limbs during orthopedic surgery to holding gauze and standard surgical tools during general procedures.

Light procedures should find the smaller end of the size range – roughly 12 by 19 inches – sufficient to support the tools needed during the procedure. Mid-sized stands, for procedures requiring anything from five and 20 instruments, can generally be accommodated by stands from 16 x 21 inch through 20 x 25-inch trays.

The largest size Mayo stand, at approximately 30 x 26 inches, fulfills situations for which an entire table is needed close to a surgical site. These tables are most effective for complex procedures in specialty facilities such as orthopedics and cardio for which extensive equipment is required. The stainless-steel tray may not be removable in many of the largest models.

Most trays come with a 1/4 to 3/4-inch lip which prevents tools from sliding off the edge while keeping them within easy reach; there are several models available at varying heights. Choosing one which fits the size of the tools used at your practice can also maximize the effectiveness of your Mayo stand.

Choosing the right tray size and configuration helps ensure that the needs of your practice or organization are met at the minimum possible cost. You should get the right size to ensure you get the space and functionality you need without overpaying.

Regardless of what size you require, Mayo stands offer a customizable and convenient method of organizing all required tools nearby and in the same place.

4. Increased Operating Room Efficiency

Decreasing waste and health expenditures have become an increasingly urgent area of focus within the healthcare industry. Mayo trays help contribute to maximum efficiency in operating rooms by minimizing the amount of time and effort required to transport and access surgical equipment during a procedure. Properly sized and organized trays also help reduce the number of unused instruments while still including the occasionally used, but critically important, surgical instruments.

Surgical room staff relies on this element of convenience and speed to perform their best. The result is increased efficiency and a better patient experience.

5. Surgical Ergonomics

Mayo stands offer adjustable height, a key feature during long procedures which put a strain on all operating room staff. Most can be moved up and down for easy access during sitting and standing procedures. No matter what type of operation, Mayo trays can be positioned so that they are easily and quickly at hand with minimal effort. Their mobility also enables ergonomic positioning of equipment which will be needed throughout a surgery or medical procedure.

Many can be adjusted with a thumb wheel or may be foot operated, providing prompt, hands-free height adjustment when needed. Mayo stands have a wide range of height adjustments. Many Mayo stands can be adjusted from approximately 32” – 52.” Mayo stands also integrate seamlessly with other surgical equipment, including beds, vital signs monitors, and surgical lights, creating a comfortable and highly efficient workspace. Mid Central Medical is a leading manufacturer for Mayo stands, IV Poles, instrument tables, and more. Mid Central Medical also manufacture a surgery table mayo tray attachment providing a convenient instrument tray close to the surgical team.

6. Cleanliness

Trays from the Mayo stand can be easily removed from the tray frame and tray bracket for easy cleaning. Most Mayo stand trays are built from stainless steel, which resists staining and corrosion and which can be replaced if damaged.

Lipped tray edges easily accommodate a surgical drape and/or stand cover essential for maintaining a sterile environment. Mayo stand covers are also available to help prevent contamination and reduce cleaning efforts. Mayo stand covers are usually sterile. Halyard Health, a leading manufacturer of surgical supplies, produces standard Mayo stand covers and extra-large Mayo stand covers .

7. Stability

Balanced weight and stability are other advantages of Mayo stands within operating room settings. Some Mayo stand models offer heavily weighted bases which prevent tipping or instability during procedures. Others attach to surgical beds to provide complete stability during operations.

If your organization performs procedures for which this is an area of high concern, it may be worth looking into one of these models. It may also make sense to choose a double-post or u-shaped post model instead of a single-post stand.

Of course, depending on the nature of your medical facility, stability may be less of a concern than cost or mobility. All well-made stands will offer dependable, sturdy tool storage regardless of their design. If stability is not an urgent priority for your practice, a lighter, more mobile rolling cart which may be less stable will likely fulfill your needs at a lower cost.

8. Durability & Reliability

Mayo stands are made from reliable, durable materials such as chrome-plated steel tubing or solid stainless-steel. Some are even made from non-magnetic materials which are safe for use within MRI machines. Most Mayo stands will endure even the harshest surgical environments, and resist damage from surgical lights, temperatures, and repeated sterilization.

Chrome models will be sufficient for most scenarios. For example, in most doctor offices and clinics, chrome will provide an easy-cleaning, durable stand which is lightweight and relatively inexpensive. Choosing a chrome Mayo stand will save costs and provide advanced functionality in these situations.

However, for other scenarios such as surgeries and operating rooms which will require repeated sterilization and exposure to more intense conditions, stainless steel alloyed with chromium will be a more effective and long-lasting material. Stainless steel is more highly resistant to stain, rust, and corrosion, even after extended use.

Mayo stands are a long-lasting, cost-effective piece of equipment for your surgical team members. If smaller component parts do wear out, it’s easy to order replacement trays or casters as needed. The Mayo stand itself typically provides many years of effective use.

Mayo Stand Accessories

The Mayo instrument stand generally comes with the required accessories. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, it can be useful to purchase extra Mayo trays in advance, as well as other potential customizing features. Such accessories include additional wheel casters, replacement height-adjustment component parts, and disposable items such as a sterile Mayo stand covers and cleaning products.

Standard Mayo stand surgical covers are typically sold by the case and are available in various sizes to fit specific sizes of table. Make sure to select the correct size to match your table when ordering. These covers are sterile and made of flexible fabric to accommodate the table and maintain a sterile field.

All Mayo stands adhere to the principles of asepsis. To clean a Mayo stand, begin with soap and water. Ordinary waste and fluid deposits can usually be properly removed. Stubborn deposits may necessitate the use of commercial metal cleaning products. When using any cleaning agent, rub in the direction of the polish lines or “grain” of the metal. Some stainless-steel trays should be cleaned in the direction of polish lines using soft cleaning pads or scrubbing pads, taking care not to scratch the finish, as this will diminish the durability and life of the tray.

Save Space, Time and Money with a Mayo Stand

Mayo stands offer a number of benefits for medical centers. These benefits include maximizing valuable floor space in an operating room and providing easy access to necessary surgical instruments during medical procedures. A Mayo stand can suspend tools directly above patient incision sites, which improves efficiency. Mayo stands are mobile and highly flexible storage for devices, materials, and equipment during procedures, offering unmatched convenience.

Regardless of your surgery or operating room needs, Mayo stands offer an easy way to organize the equipment you need and keep it at the ready, minimizing wasted time and space and ensuring the right tools are always on hand. They also are easily kept sterile with a variety of available drapes and covers.

Over time, Mayo stands continue to provide reliable, durable performance and dependable stability during procedures. The replacement parts available help ensure this continued performance down the road.

While there are many mayo stand manufacturers, Lakeside Healthcare, Mid Central Medical (MCM), and Clinton Industries are industry leaders that produce a wide range of Mayo stands.

USA Medical Surgical carries an extensive collection of Mayo stands and accessory options to help outfit any state-of-the-art surgery, practice, or clinic at a low cost. For more information, or to ask any questions about finding the right supplies for your surgery department, please contact us at: 1-866-561-2380, or our Contact form