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Eizo Curator EX3242 32" 4K UHD Surgical Monitor

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  • Eizo Curator EX3242 32" 4K UHD Surgical Monitor

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Product Description

A 32-inch widescreen surgical monitor with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution and high brightness for endoscopy, microsurgery, and other high-precision procedures.

  • Precise color reproduction (BT.2020)
  • HDR support
  • PinP and PbyP display
  • Optical bonding
  • Auto Input Detection

4K UHD Resolution and High Brightness

  • The monitor uses an energy-efficient LED backlight with a high brightness of 850 cd/m².
  • The high resolution of 3840 x 2160 is four times the size of full HD and faithfully reproduces 4K endoscope and operating microscope images in Ultra High Definition.

Wide Color Gamut for Distinguishing Tones

  • The monitor supports the BT.2020 4K video color standard to ensure that subtle differences between shades of reds and yellows captured by BT.2020-supported cameras are distinguishable on the screen.

HDR Compatibility

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a range that approximates the human perception of color and light as content is shown on a display device.
  • The monitor is equipped with the perceptual quantization (PQ) curve and hybrid log-gamma (HLG) for supporting HDR.
  • This ensures images from HDR-supported endoscope cameras are displayed without crushing blacks and more closely resemble the human visual system.

Fully Flat Design

  • EIZO's surgical monitors adopt a flat design with rounded corners that promotes a safe environment and easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Front is covered with a fully flat protective glass with IP45 for protection against foreign material and splashes (the whole monitor has an IP32 rating).

Cable Cover for Safety and Hygiene

  • With the attached cable cover, cables can be stored neatly out of sight, increasing safety and hygiene.

High Durability

  • The monitor has protective glass with a hardness of 9H, making it resistant to impacts.
  • The monitor is equipped with optical bonding, which removes the layer of air between the LCD panel and glass. This ensures foreign materials such as dust and moisture cannot damage the LCD panel.

Reduced Reflections

  • Reflections on the screen of LCD monitors are caused when external light hits the screen and reflects off of the protective glass and layer of air at different refractive indices./li>
  • Optical bonding removes the layer of air in order to lower the difference of refractive indices. This softens the reflections and produces a clear, highly visible image without affecting contrast.

Condensation Prevention

  • Optical bonding prevents condensation from forming between the LCD panel and protective glass. This allows the monitor to maintain high visibility in harsh environments.

Streamlined Connectivity

  • With BNC (12G-SDI), and DisplayPort or HDMI, up to 4K UHD images are displayed at 60 frames per second with a single cable over various modalities.
  • When connected via BNC (12G-SDI), stable transmission is achieved even over long distances of 30 meters.

Output Images Directly to Multiple Monitors

  • The monitor is also equipped with BNC (12G-SDI), DisplayPort, and DVI output terminals so input video can be passed through and output directly to the next monitor.
  • The same image is displayed on multiple monitors making information sharing among medical staff smooth in the operating room, while alleviating excess cabling.

180° Rotation and Mirroring

  • Regardless of the orientation of the endoscopic camera, you can rotate the displayed 3D image by 180° or mirror it to find the perfect operating angle.
  • This is suitable for matching the image with the line of sight of surrounding assistants and surgeons, improving convenience in the operating room.

View Two Signals on One Screen

  • Two different types of signal sources can be viewed simultaneously on one monitor side by side using the PbyP (Picture-by-Picture) or one displayed within an inset window over the other with the PinP (Picture-in-Picture) function.
  • Useful in cases where vitals or ultrasound endoscopes need to be monitored simultaneously in addition to surgical images.

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