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Surgical Loupe 3.0X Titanium Frame

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  • Surgical Loupe 3.0X Titanium Frame

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Product Description

Seiler Surgical Loupe 3.0X Power with Titanium Frame

The Seiler surgical loupe with titanium frames are a lightweight option that are perfect for users with prescription glasses. The Titanium Frames come with 3 different magnification options: 2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x and 4 colors to choose from- Blue, Black, Silver, and Red. Add your prescription to these frames and enjoy the enhanced abilities of better sight.

  • Surgical loupe from a company with a history of making high quality optical instruments
  • 3.0x Magnification Power
  • Lightweight titanium frames
  • Available in 3 magnification levels (2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x)
  • Available in 3 different working distances (340mm, 420mm, 500mm)
  • Available in 4 different colors (Black, Silver, Blue, Red)
  • Choose your color magnification level and working distance
  • Manufacturer: Seiler Instrument

Important Prescription Note: Doctors Who Require Prescription Lenses Must Purchase Titanium Frames. After you receive the surgical loupe, your eye doctor puts the prescription lenses in the titanium frame.

Magnification Levels Working Distance
2.5X: The entry level magnification that
provides a wide field of view, which is
exceptionally easy to get used to and
is the most common magnification
Short | 13.4” (340MM)
The short working distance is 13.4
inches or 340mm.
3.0X: The intermediate magnification level
of which is good for a user that is
familiar with loupes or has a need for
additional magnification not provided
by the 2.5x power.
Regular | 17” (420MM)
The regular working distance
is 16.5 inches or 420mm. The
regular working distance is the
most common working distance.
3.5X: The most powerful loupe level in
the Seiler Line of Loupes. This
magnification level is used for
specialists and users that have a
smaller working field.
Long| 19” (500MM)
The long working distance is
19.7 inches or 500mm. The long
working distance is generally used
by a tall person.

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