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Troop Elevation Pillow Addition

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  • Troop Elevation Pillow Addition

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Troop Elevation Pillow Addition

The Elevation Pillow was designed and developed by Dr. Craig Troop, a practicing anesthesiologist, to improve the airway management for obese patients during and after surgery. Dr. Troop states the Elevation Pillow quickly achieves H.E.L.P. (head elevated laryngoscopy position). He also claims this is an improved position for airway management.

  • This is a Troop Elevation Pillow Addition
  • The Addition pillow is designed to be used with Troop Base Pillow
  • Reusable vinyl
  • Sold individually
  • Manufacturer's ID: TRP6006
  • Manufacturer: Patient Positioning Solutions

More information about the Addition Pillow from Dr. Troop's website

"The Addition is a wedge shaped positioner that is designed to be used with the Troop Elevation Pillow.  The Addition is placed on top of the Troop Elevation Pillow and a head cradle or standard intubating pillow is placed on top of the flat/plateau part of the Addition.  The Troop Elevation Pillow (TEP) + the Addition (TEPA) + the Head Cradle are designed for positioning the super morbidly obese patient in the H.E.L.P. position (head elevated laryngoscopy position).  As a general guideline the TEP + TEPA + H.C. is recommended for patients weighing 450-500 pounds or more or patients whose BMI is greater than 50.  The patient’s height and weight distribution are important observations when considering the clinical indication to use the TEPA.  For example, a super morbidly obese patient whose weight is mainly in the abdomen and upper chest area (verses the waist and hip area) is more likely to receive the most benefit."

For more information about Dr. Troop, product instructions, and videos, visit his site. 

This brief video (showing Dr. Craig Troop and the Troop Elevation Pillow) dramatically demonstrates the value of pre-oxygenating the obese patient in the H.E.L.P position.

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