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Bovie Medical and Electrosurgical Supplies


Bovie Medical was founded in 1978 by Dr. William Bovie, a pioneer of electrosurgery. Today, the name is still synonymous with electrosurgery, a surgical technique which uses high-frequency current to cut, cauterize and desiccate soft tissue with high heat.

The company maintains a great reputation for high-end Bovie electrosurgical products, and they also carry an expansive line of high-end surgical and medical diagnosis, exam, cosmetic technology, and surgery equipment for every medical facility’s needs, including:

  • Battery-Operated Surgical Cautery Devices
  • Electrosurgical Generators and Desiccators
  • Electrosurgery Pencils, Electrodes, and Bipolar Forceps
  • Return Electrode Pads, Patches, and Plates
  • Suction Coagulators
  • Smoke Evacuators
  • Surgical Stands, Accessory Trays, and Equipment Wall Mounts
  • Colposcopes
  • Specialty Lights

On August 30, 2018, Bovie Medical’s electrosurgical business was purchased by Symmetry Surgical. Symmetry Surigcal acquired the entire Bovie brand of electrosurgical products (electrosurgical generators, electrosurgical electrodes, cautery pens, cautery tips, cautery supplies, Bovie lighting, colposcopes, related Bovie accessories.

Symmetry Surgical researches and produces over 20,000 surgical instruments. Symmetry Surgical focuses their research on improving patient care and improving surgical results. Symmetry Surgical markets surgical instruments through many highly trusted brands such as Bovie Medical.

An electrosurgical device reduces blood loss and recovery times by cauterizing at the same time as a cut is made. While electrosurgery was originally developed for hemostasis, removal of benign skin tumors, and other small procedures, it has since caught on across a wide range of medical specialties, veterinary practices, surgical fields, and the cosmetic surgery market.

Dermatological, cardiac, plastic, spinal, orthopedic, gynecological, and general surgeons all commonly use electrosurgical devices to help minimize bleeding during procedures. For more information on how each of these product categories can help your practice, see below, or check out this medical and surgical buyer’s guide.

Bipolar and Monopolar Electrosurgery

Bovie supplies both monopolar and bipolar modalities. Electrosurgery directs high-frequency electric current to cut, cauterize, coagulate, and fulgurate tissue. During many procedures, electrosurgery reduces the risk of hemorrhage, enables precision sculpting, and stops bleeding faster than traditional surgical methods.

Monopolar electrosurgery uses pen or pencil-like implements to direct an electric current through the patient’s tissue, where it is then recaptured by a grounding pad on the other side. The current passes through the electrode implement, through the tissue, then through a pad which completes the electric circuit. Monopolar electrosurgery is highly flexible and can be used in a wider variety of procedures, including those for which cutting, desiccation, or fulguration are required.

Bipolar electrosurgery channels electricity through one side of a pair of forceps, into a highly localized area of patient tissue, and then back up the other side of the forceps, completing the circuit without sending current all the way through the patient.

A bipolar electrosurgical unit requires less current overall than monopolar electrosurgery but is also highly localized. The current only touches tissue between each side of the forceps. This provides more fine-tuned control and reduces the risk of patient burns. Bipolar electrosurgery may also be necessary for patients with metal implants such as cochlear implants or pacemakers which may be affected by electric current traveling through their bodies.

Battery-Operated Surgical Cautery Devices

Bovie is the highest-volume manufacturer of surgical cauteries in the world; they produce both high and low-temp cauteries for diverse procedures.

Veterinary clinics use high-temperature disposable cauteries for both in-office procedures and major surgeries. Major hospital clinics also use disposable fine-tip and narrow battery operated cauteries for localized wound cauterization during surgery.

Low-temperature options are also crucial for a variety of specialties, including ophthalmology and dermatology. Bovie makes both  low-temp and high-temp battery-operated cauteries with a variety of tips, temperature ranges, and shaft-lengths to enable custom use and surgical precision.

All battery-operated cautery tips are single-use and have a four-year shelf-life; they come packaged individually in sterile sleeves. If multiple-use tips are necessary for your practice, Bovie also manufactures  change-a-tip packages with reusable cautery bodies and replacement tips in both high and low-temperature options.

Electrosurgical Generators and Desiccators

Bovie makes several generator and desiccator options in order to meet distinct surgical needs and budgets. Selecting a specific unit enables surgeons to maximize the functionality and versatility of their generator, and they can select the best possible machine for their specific operating room’s needs.

Both bipolar and monopolar methods are proficient at maximizing surgical effectiveness. Many of Bovie’s generators provide both bipolar and monopolar electrosurgical options. During all activations, the power can be adjusted up or down in variable steps, giving surgeons more control at the surgical site.

Examples of Bovie Generators and Desiccators:

The Bovie Specialist Pro Electrosurgical Generator is a multi-purpose mono and bipolar electrosurgical generator. It offers 5 energy outputs, up to 120 watts, and enables physicians to cut, blend, coagulate, and fulgurate. It also includes a built-in bipolar modality and provides error detection alerts and a push-button, large digital display.

The  Bovie OR PRO 300 Electrosurgical Generator is designed specifically for operating room clinicians and can perform virtually any potential electrosurgical procedure. It offers 13 distinct modes of energy delivery, including several bipolar modalities and a laparoscopic mode to assist surgeons in conducting highly specialized specific surgical procedures.

The  Bovie Bantam PRO A952 Electrosurgical Generator is a High Frequency Desiccator with cutting ability. The Bantam Pro A952 is a high frequency desiccator (an upgrade to Bovie's very popular Aaron 940) and a Bovie electrosurgical generator. The Bovie Bantam Pro A952 has 50 watts of cutting power and coag capabilities-plenty of power for most cutting procedure performed in the doctor’s office.

Electrosurgery Pencils, Electrodes, and Bipolar Forceps

All Bovie cautery pencils (pens) use the same three-prong adapter for easy switching between different electrosurgical pens and pencils’ functionality. Bovie pencils offer a choice between button, rocker, and foot control, and come in disposable and autoclavable models, with foot control, hand control, and rocker-switch options. Holster and scratch pad come with each Bovie cautery pencil as optional additions.

Electrosurgical electrode tips are interchangeable and are highly customizable for specific procedures. Bovie produces disposable ball, blade, and needle electrodes which all use the standard 2.3mm stainless steel shaft and grip insulators to enable easy insertion and removal.

Disposable electro pencils and electrodes and come in sealed sterile, individual packages. Reusable pencils are autoclavable up to 50 times and resist build-up to increase surgical efficiency, and reusable electrodes are reusable up to 25 autoclave cycles depending on the specific product. Each electrode comes with an optional 4mm shaft adapter to connect 4mm active cables. Electrode tips come in a wide variety of types to meet requirements for specific procedures.

Laparoscopic electrodes for minimally invasive procedures and out-patient clinics come in a wide variety of popular configurations, such as  bladeshooks, and balls.

For other procedures, Bovie also manufactures an expansive line of specialty electrodes ranging from needle-electrodes for the finest-grained procedures to dermal loops for dermatological interventions and arthroscopic electrodes for arthroscopic procedures.

Bovie forceps for electrosurgery come in titanium and stainless-steel options. They are designed to provide fine-toothed precision and superior control even at minimum and maximum power output settings. Stainless steel forceps provide increase precision and safety, while titanium forceps provide unmatched lightweight profiles, helping to reduce fatigue during long and involved surgical procedures.

Return Electrode Pads, Patches, and Plates

Monopolar surgical techniques require a grounding pad or plate to capture current after it has passed through the patient’s tissue. Bovie offers a product line of electrodes and pads to provide safe energy recapture. For example, their disposable comes in a sterile package and adheres a single time with hydrogel.

For situations where more durability is required, Bovie also makes reusable metal grounding pads and plates typically used by veterinary practices for electrosurgery and additional accessories such as reusable electrode cables and connecting cords.

Suction Coagulators

Suction coagulators remove fluids from the surgical site with or without simultaneous coagulation. Bovie Medical makes several suction coagulator models in multiple tube diameters and cable lengths with a flexible shaft for greater access during complicated procedures.

These products are single-use and come in individually packaged, sterile containers. They are hand or foot activated and compatible with Bovie generators and those of most other surgical product manufacturers. Each case comes with ten individually packaged, sterile and disposable packs.

Smoke Evacuators

During laser, electrosurgery, and other smoke-producing procedures, surgical smoke is a potential hazard to the patient, surgical staff, and the operating room/medical facility. Surgical smoke has been shown to carry a variety of biologic hazards and carbon monoxide.

Smoke evacuators help reduce the smoke which stays in the operating room, reducing inhalation risk. and a risk for the medical facility. Bovie manufactures the “ Smoke Shark,” a smoke evacuator which can be customized with varied filter capacities which can accommodate up to 35 hours of operating time.

The Smoke Shark is light-weight, low-profile, compact for storage and maximizing space in the operating room. It’s also compatible with both Bovie surgical generators and most other surgical generators on the market.

Surgical Stands, Accessory Trays, and Equipment Wall Mounts

Mobile stands and accessory tray options provide easier handling during transportation and enable easy access to equipment during procedures.

Bovie makes a variety of table-mounted and mobile trays to help providers customize generator set up to fit specific operating room flows.


Bovie manufactures three models of colposcope for varying degrees of precision. All models include bright LED lighting to provide clear visualization and easy, strain-free visual examination without generating excessive heat.

The Colpo-Master I includes a swing-arm to enable easy use and access to the vaginal canal. It’s designed for gynecological exams and procedures and provides up to 27x magnification. Each eyepiece focuses separately to reduce eyestrain, and the Colpo-Master I also enables camera view without disabling eyepieces.

The Colpo-Master II is also well-suited to gynecological exams and procedures. It’s a more compact model than the Colpo-Master I and it is built around a center post. It also offers unique, continuous zoom magnification up to 27x, with a narrower field of view. This model maneuvers easily around tables and exam tables and offers both HDMI and USB digital camera options.

The Colpo-Master III is also center-post mounted and comes in a wheeled or pedestal-base configuration. It’s designed to be a straightforward, simple, and user-friendly option. Focus adjusts with a single knob, and this model provides sharp optics in three magnification settings up to 15x.

Specialty Lights

Bovie offers a wide range of lights for examination, diagnosis, and surgery. For optometry and portable diagnosis, Bovie manufacturers pen lights and ophthalmic lights, including a model with a pupil gauge.

Bovie exam LED lights last over 50,000 hours; you’ll virtually never need to replace a bulb. White LED is cool, 4300° Kelvin white medical lighting with superior shadow reduction and little heat generation.

Bovie also manufactures a Woods light for dermatology treatments and collecting evidence of sexual assault.

Where to Find Bovie Medical Products

Bovie Medical, best known for their electrosurgical products and machines, also produces a wide range of high-performing equipment for medical procedures.

USA Medical and Surgical Supplies provides a complete range of Bovie Medical supplies and accessory options to help outfit any state-of-the-art surgery, practice, medical corporation, or clinic at low cost.

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