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Fetal Dopplers

Obstetric Dopplers are sometimes often referred to as Fetal Dopplers. Obstetric Dopplers perform Obstetric ultrasound tests on pregnant women. Obstetric Dopplers help assess fetal blood circulation and fetal heartbeats. Fetal blood heartbeats and circulation are very important to identify a range of fetal health and fetal health complications. Obstetric Dopplers use a series of sound waves and echoes to analyze a baby’s heartbeat and blood flow in veins and arteries. Obstetric Dopplers use Doppler ultrasound technology and the test results can be viewed in color, on a color ultrasound, or by audio from a small speaker.

The Obstetric ultrasound test is painless and relatively easy to administer. The Obstetric Doppler, Obstetrical Probe, and ultrasound gel are the main medical items needed for the test. The test is basic and easy to learn; however, for best results, have a trained caregiver, medical professional, or doctor perform the test.

Obstetric Dopplers range from basic, consumer modules to full-featured color ultrasound professional models. Many Obstetric Dopplers are very portable, handheld units.  The models with more features are usually mounted on a stand, cart, wall, or table. Some obstetric Dopplers have printers to print the test results. Professional-grade Obstetric Dopplers from the same manufacturer generally use the same, interchangeable family of Obstetrical Probes. Some Obstetrical probes can be sterilized. Obstetrical Probes are made for a specific frequency. The frequency (in MHz) represents the size of different beams from flat, medium, and narrow beams.

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